Cooking mushrooms; is the dry sauté a thing of the past?

Cooking mushrooms; is the dry sauté a thing of the past?

I used to think that dry sautéing was the best way to begin cooking foraged mushrooms. But then, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that changed my mind. Now, I'm a convert to the water-cooking method for mushrooms! 

Dry sautéing before you add oil or butter brings the moisture out of the mushrooms which will help with the browning process, it turns out adding water helps even more! Dan and I love to watch cooking videos and recently found this very intriguing video on the America's Test Kitchen YouTube channel. The host also talks about using water to cook the perfect caramelized onions, crispy bacon and other foods, but I found the mushroom portion the most exciting! I imagine this would be especially useful for store bought mushrooms that can be a bit dried out. 

I hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts on this new controversial water cooking technique ;)

*Mushroom content begins at  5:11

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In Beaujolais, France chanterelles are blanched. Blanch about 20 seconds and then pat dry prior to sautéing. Then sauté in oil over medium heat, if you are able to resist the urge to turn them you can actually lightly caramelize them. Even works with huge waterlogged white chants!


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