Vegetable Planting Calendar for Zones 8-9a

Vegetable Planting Calendar for Zones 8-9a

If you're going to add vegetables to your garden this year you'll want to keep this vegetable planting calendar handy in your gardening tool kit! This guide shows you what month you should plant all your spring, summer and winter fruiting vegetables by seed or starts. This is a guide for zones 8-9a as I garden in Portland, OR.

How to use the guide:

'Seed indoors' means these seeds should be started in your home or heated greenhouse then transplanted outside at a later date.

'Seed outside' means these seeds can be planted directly in your garden. Follow instructions on the packet. There are often more detailed instructions on the inside of the packet so open it with care!

'Starts' refers to the vegetable plants that have already been started. You can purchase these in 6-packs, 4 inch pots or gallon size containers from local nurseries. They are normally planted directly into your garden however you may need to cover them with frost cloth for a couple nights to ease the shock of moving from the nursery greenhouse to your outdoor garden. 

'Harden off seedlings' means it's time to get the plants you started from seed ready to go outside. You want to gradually introduce them to the outdoors to toughen them up. Bring them outside to a shaded area of your garden for an hour during mild weather, no heavy spring rains or gusty winds. After an hour return them to the safety of your home or heated greenhouse. Increase their outdoor time by an hour every day to gently ease them into the big world. Start this process about 2 weeks before the plants are ready to be planted outside.

And asterisk (*) indicates the best time and method of planting.

If you'd like to download it click HERE!

monthly vegetable planting calendar


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