Seed catalogs for gardening

Seed Catalogs: The Gardener's Romance Novel

Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with mug full of something hot and steamy and a pile of seed catalogs. Mostly because now is the time to plan out your garden for this season, but also because snuggling up on the couch sounds like a lot more fun than mucking around in the cold, wet garden!

Seed catalogs are filled with fun descriptions, beautiful pictures and dreams of garden-fresh meals to come. They are also filled with TONS of information about seed germination, transplanting your seedlings and growing them into the big beautiful basket of veggies you're dreaming of, so don't skip those little highlighted paragraphs in the corner of the page. 

There are many, many seed companies out there so this list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a list of companies I have ordered from and trust. 

Do you have a tried and true favorite?? Leave a comment with your favorite seed company!


Territorial Seeds is a family owned Oregon company

Siskiyou Seeds produces open-pollinated & heirloom seeds, Oregon based 

Uprising Seeds is family run certified organic seed farm in Washington state

Botanical Interests a wide selection and beautiful seed packets

Renee's Garden an unusual selection of vegetable, flower and herb seeds

Johnny's Selected Seeds has been providing great seeds since the 70's

High Mowing provides 100% organic seeds

Baker Creek / Rare Seeds has heirloom and hard to find seeds

Adaptive Seeds doesn't have a catalog, just ordering online. Rare seeds.

Seeds from Italy open-pollinated heirloom seeds from Franchi Sementi! The seed packages are super fun.


Honorable mention:

Annie's Annuals isn't a seed catalog but they do have very unique plants!

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