In person or virtual consultations

Elevate your garden or houseplant collection with my consultation services! Expert advice tailored to your space for a thriving, beautiful outdoor or indoor area. Personalized, practical solutions to make your garden or houseplant jungle a success!

On-site garden consultations:

Boost your gardening confidence and success with my tailored on-site consultation. Whether it's perennials or vegetables, I'm here to demystify the gardening process, offering personalized advice and practical solutions that cater to your garden's specific needs. From soil health to plant selection, I'll equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create a thriving garden. My goal is to inspire confidence in your gardening abilities, helping you to not only achieve a beautiful outdoor space but also enjoy the rewarding journey of nurturing it to its full potential.

$125 includes onsite visit for up to 1.5 hours and follow-up email with details of our discussion and links to any specific products or businesses we discuss.


Online/virtual consultations: 

Not in my area? No problem! We can connect via Facetime, Zoom or email to work out a garden plan or trouble shoot a plant problem. I can diagnose sick houseplants, help with problem areas in your garden and more!

$50 includes virtual visit for up to an hour with follow-up email that includes links to any specific products we discuss.

Let's get started!