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Mycoheterotroph Sticker

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This sticker is a celebration of the magical Mycoheterotrophs and native orchids of the Pacific Northwest! The design was conceived by me and brought to fruition by the talented Suzi McCrae. Represented on the sticker are Candystick(Allotropa virgata), Ghost Pipe in pink and white(Monotropa uniflora), Striped and Spotted Coral Root(Corallorhiza sp.), Pinesap(Monotropa hypopitys), Pinedrops(Pterospora andromedea), Calypso orchid(Calypso bulbosa), and the Gnome plant(Hemitomes congestum).

Show your love of the PNW forest flora with this locally created and conceived artwork. This glossy and very sturdy vinyl sticker is 5” wide by 3.5” tall and so so beautiful!

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